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Alpha Irradiator.png
Apllied Dynamics - Modeling of aeroacustic noise.png
Condensied Mattter Physics - Micrografs of the cross section of a copolymeric PE-g-HEMA film.png
Dosimetry and Radiobiology - BioKinModels.png
Dosimetry and Radiobiology - Glove with extremety dosimeters for dose mapping of hand.png
Environmental Scicences - use of metallic artefacts.png
Epidemology and Nutrition - Application of k0-NAA methodologies.png
Epidemology and Nutrition - Atmospheric indoor aerosol in humain health.png
EURATOM - Monitoring Programs.png
Geoluc - Distinguishing geogenic and anthropogenic contributions.png
Geoluc - Elemental and Isotopi Research.png
Micro Pixe cross-section analysis of a poloidal tile.png
Neutron tomography at RPI.png
Nuclear Reactions - AMS LIne Studies.png
Nuclear reactions - Elastic scattering of protons by 58NI.png
Radiopharmaceutical sciences - bone seeking agents.png
UFA - Mass spectrum with LabView (Ion Implantation Automation System).png
UFA - Paleontological research 'Museu da Lourinhã'.png