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Archeometallurgical research.png
Biological Studies - Metal bio-availability in water-sediment interfaces.png
Condensed Matter Physics - HEMA-IL composites (after irradiation).png
Dinamical analysis and tuning of carrilon bels.png
Enhancement of the capability of the NAA techniques at RPI.png
Geochemistry, mineralogy and radiometric measurements of Iberian Peninsula.png
Hidrology - coastal aquifers.png
ISOLD Facility and Dose-Equivalente distribution for diferent spallation targets.png
Luminescence dating of coastal geomorphological in Portugal and Mozambique.png
Luminescence dating to understand iberian cultural heritage.png
MCRNT - Lattice location of Mn in GaAs.png
MCRNT - TimePix detectors for emission channeling.png
NAA Tecniques at RPI.png
Nuclear Reactions - Development of a PIGE Set-up.png
Prehistory of the Portuguese Estremadura.png
Radiation Technologies - IRIS up to date.png
Radiopharmaceutical Sciences - biodistribution studies in rats in presence of Cyclosporin A.png
RPI - Neutron tomography of a XVII tile fragment.png
Solid State - Electrocrystalization of the series of charge transfers salts.png
Solid State - Single componente molecular conductors processed as thin films.png
UFA - Characterisation of mercury gilding art objects by external proton beam.png