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Chromosome observations using the FISH technique.png
CR - Sampling at Museu Nacional do Azulejo (Grande Panorama de Lisboa).png
CR - Trifunctional tricarbonyl metal complexes.png
Experimental techniques for testing bell-tuning methods.png
Field work - Mafra Carrillon Bells.png
Fourier Transform Ion-cyclotron Mass Spectrometer.png
General view of ion implanter.png
Glove boxes and HPLC (Uv-gamma detection).png
Grphics from 2-dimensional position-sensitive CERN detector.png
Helium Liquifaction Plant.png
High resolution X-ray diffractometer.png
Hotbird X-ray diffractometer.png
Individual ventilated cages for mice housing.png
Induction furnace.png
Inside-pool view of the RPI core at 1MW.png
Nuclear microprobe end stage.png
RPI - Air masses backward trajectories associated with two.png
Traces of the radionuclides released at Fukushima Daiichi measured at the ITN campus.png
UFA - Gold ruby glass using gamma irradiation.png
UFA-Electrodepositon Set.png
UFA-Reciprocal space map of a SiGe alloy multilayer.png
UFA-Silver chest (CMAG 1193, c.XVI-XVII), Au composition.png
View of experiments installed in the reactor.png