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A Bronze Age ax from the Portuguese territory (Minho) was studied using neutron tomography.png
Activation of CO2 by thorium and uranium alkyl complexes.png
Archaeometallurgy -Middle Bronze Age dagger, Montinhos 6.png
Bell modal frequencies of the North tower Mafra carillon.png
Capa (1).png
Capa (2).png
Capa (Bruker).png
Cobalt-60 irradiator.png
Cooperation with CERN in the development and simulation of target prototypes for ISOLDE.png
CT-fluoroscopy - Phantom with the red dots corresponding to dosemeters.png
Cultural Heritage - Perdigões archaeological site (Reguengos Monsaraz).png
Daphnia magna exposure to TiO2 nanoparticles.png
Dosimetry of the medical applications of ionizing radiation.png
Environmental Health - Fugitive emissions in harbours.png
f-Element centers for single molecule magnetic behaviors.png
Gamma irradiated sweet cherries at 5 kGy for conservation.png
Geometry of the MCNP model for Stage 2 of the SIMPLE experiment.png
Green deterioration marks present in the ceramic tiles from the panel “The Great View of Lisbon”..png
HPGe detectors for gamma spectrometry.png
IN - Radx100.png
Ion conductiong oxide materials - Oxidation of Fe fases.png
Isotop Hydrology - Groundwater, a natural resource at Santiago island.png
Isotope composition of precipitation (collaboration with IAEA).png
Murine norovirus before and after irradiation to measure virus infectivity response.png
Nuclear Microscopy image of human skin.png
Opening of the IST Polo of Loures.png
Radiopeptides for melanoma detection.png
Radiopharmaceutical sciences research (nanocompounds).png
SEM images of PVA supported catalytic membranes prepared with gamma-radiation doses.png
SEM images of PVA supported catalytic membranes prepared with γ-radiation dose.png
Soil sampling and field gamma spectrometry in central Portugal.png
Source contribution for PM10 concentrations measured in Cape Verde.png
Study of biological damage induced by ionizing radiation using the chromosomal aberration assay.png
UFA - Daphnia magna exposure to TiO2 nanoparticles.png
UFA - New hybrid materials.png
β- emission channeling patterns obtained from the decay of 11Be implanted into a GaN single crystal.png