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ADL - Mafra carillons studies.png
Archaeometallurgy - Bronze Age Srtudies.png
Batch biodegradation experiments of cork wastewater microbiota on irradiated phenolic acids solutions.png
Chemical complexes.png
Complexes for theranostic of MBD.png
Cultural Heritage - REE patterns of porcelains found in Portugal, and Chinese kilns (Zhangzhou and Jingdezhen).png
Dose rate evaluation from natural radioisotopes - Groundwater sampling at Santiago Island.png
Dose response curve for Portuguese population using the micronucleus assay.png
EC-SLI goniometer during vacuum annealing of a sample at 900ºC.png
IAEA Regional Training Course on Microbiological Aspects of Radiation Sterilization.png
Ion beam studies of hand-written documents.png
Isotope Hidrology.png
Isotope Hydrology - Cabeço de Vide Studies.png
Luminiscence Studies.png
Microscopic image of alpha particles tracks from radon in a LR115 solid state nuclear track detector.png
Monitoring during the CURIEX 2013 exercise.png
Monte Carlo Simulations (1).png
Monte Carlo simulations (2).png
Monte Carlo Simulations (3).png
Nuclear methods applied to human-paleoenvironments interactions.png
Nuclear microscopy of single diatom cells in valve view.png
Nuclear Vessels - Radiation surveys of facilities.png
Nuclear Vessels - Radiological monitoring.png
RPI - Contribution of fugitive emissions in Summer, Mitrena_Setúbal.png
Sampling campaign in Brava - Cape Verde 2013.png
Sampling of soil and vines in Fogo Island - Cape Verde.png
Slow magnetic relaxation in a layered lanthanide hydroxide.png
Study of pigments on XVII century oil paintings on copper support.png
Wholebody gamma camera image of a rat injected with a radioactive complex.png