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Adsortion studies of phenolic compounds for the valorization of cork wastewaters.png
Advanced materials - Cryogenics.png
CERN n-TOF experiment.png
Complexes as Anti-Cancer Drugs.png
Complexes for Imaging and Therapy.png
Composition of Hispano-Moresque glazed tiles.png
Cystic Fibrosis - New Molecular Imaging Tools.png
Deployment of robotics solutions in support of environmental radioactivity activities.png
Dosimetric issues in breast cancer radiotherapy.png
Environmental Isotopes as tracers.png
Gold Nanoconstructs for Targeted Delivery of Radionuclides.png
INAA and Luminescence applied to cultural heritage.png
Indium(III) Complexes for Estrogen Receptor (ER) Targeting.png
Map of Lusitania and metal artefacts from Conimbriga collections.png
Medical applications of ionizing radiation.png
Metal-Based Anti-Tumoral Agents.png
Molectular materials - Qef.png
Neutron tomography of 18th century beeswax statuettes of St. Francis.png
Novel radiotracers for molecular imaging of EGFR positive tumors.png
Oxo-Exchange of Actinide Oxides with Water in the Gas Phase.png
Production of methanol using CO2 and CH4 as raw materials.png
Radioactive block copolymer micelles for cancer theranostics.png
Radiobiology Dosimetry activities.png
Re(I) and Tc(I) Complexes for Targeting Nitric Oxide Synthase.png
Scientific Metrology results.png
SIMPLE Detector.png
Spread of the Phoenician artefacts in Western Iberia.png
Sr-90 in Foodstuffs by Liquid Scintillation Counting.png
SState - Iron oxide nanoparticles for hiperthermia.png
SState - Spin-crossover compounds.png
Study of gamma radiation doses in different irradiation substrates.png
Synthesis of intermetallic compounds nanoparticles.png