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[10] Epitaxial relationship between wurtzite GaN and ΒGa 2O3.pdf
[11] Fabrication and characterization of a co-planar detector in diamond for low energy single ion implantation.pdf
[12] Solid-state single-photon emitters.pdf
[13] Doping Ga 2 O 3 with Europium Influence of the Implantation and Annealing Temperature.pdf
[14] Red luminescence of Cr in Ga2O3 nanowires.pdf
[15] Doping of Ga2O3 bulk crystals and NWs by ion implantation.pdf
[16] Optical properties of LFZ grown Ga2O3.pdf
[17] Optical and luminescent properties of undoped and rare-earth-doped Ga2O3 thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis.pdf
[18] Cathodoluminescence of rare earth implanted Ga2O3 and GeO2 nanostructures..pdf
[19]Visible and infrared luminescence study of Er doped β-Ga2O3 and Er3Ga5O12.pdf
[1] Development of gallium oxide power devices.pdf
[20] Polarons.pdf
[21] Evidence for formation of self-trapped excitons in a Ga2O3 single crystal.pdf
[22] Origin of the blue luminescence of β-Ga2O3.pdf
[23] Role of self-trapping in luminescence and p-type conductivity of wide-band-gap oxides.pdf
[24] In-situ observation of small polarons in Gallium oxide by aberration corrected high resolution transmission electron microscopy.pdf
[25] Temperature-dependent hysteresis of the emission spectrum of Eu-implanted.pdf
[26] Hysteretic photochromic switching of Eu-Mg defects in GaN links the shallow transient and deep ground states of the Mg acceptor.pdf
[27]Billion-euro boost for quantum technologies.pdf
[28] A new set-up for in-situ probing of irradiation effects in materials and electronic.pdf
[29] metal-semiconductor field-effect transistors on single-crystal .pdf
[2]Trapping self-trapping and the polaron family.pdf
[30] Barrier Diodes Fabricated by Using Single-Crystal B-Ga2O3.pdf
[31] A low cost beam measurement method.pdf
[32] High precision spectrometry.pdf
[33] Simple Deceleration System.pdf
[36] Powerful Method for the Controlled Manufacturing of Nanomaterials.pdf
[3]Host sensitization of Gd3+ ions in yttrium and scandium borates and phosphates Application to quantum cutting.pdf
[4] Energy transfer to Gd3 from the self-trapped exciton in ScPO4Gd3+ Dynamics and application to quantum cutting.pdf
[5] β-Ga2O3 and single-crystal phosphors for high-brightness white LEDs and LDs and β-Ga2O3 potential for next generation of power devices.pdf
[6] Depletion-mode Ga2O3 metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors on Ga2O3 010 substrates and temperature dependence of their device characteristics.pdf
[7] β-Ga2O3 nanowires for an ultraviolet light selective frequency photodetector.pdf
[8]Electrical conductivity and carrier concentration control in Ga2O3 by Si doping.pdf
[9] High optical and structural quality of GaN epilayers grown on 201 β-Ga2O3.pdf
[annex] perliminar results.pdf